onsdag 29. februar 2012


Futura Classics has an exciting competition going on!
The prize is an original vintage Eames!

Read more here!


søndag 26. februar 2012

the color green

Apparently green is the color of 2012.
It's a color I am very fond of,
and it appears in different shades here and there in my house.
Hope you had a good weekend :)

lørdag 25. februar 2012

wallpaper on dishwasher

I have just papered the dishwasher with a non-woven, super washable wallpaper!
We'll see how it goes...

fredag 24. februar 2012

the simple house


A simple house for the benefit of your childs imagination!
It can be anything you want.
For more inspiration, visit set designer/decorator/stylist
Jenni Juurinen's webpage here.

Happy friday!!!

torsdag 23. februar 2012

reclaimed wood table by manoteca

via gblog

via gblog

via gblog

via gblog

Manoteca is a design studio located in Bologna (Italy) focusing on reclaimed furniture design. Outdoor is a table built using an old exterior door.
It can be used as a table for 8 or it can be opened and used as desk.
Recycling at its best.


onsdag 22. februar 2012


via french by design

Sometimes you just have to take a break...
Even if it is in the middle of the week.

mandag 20. februar 2012

Are you a collector?

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

photo © Lufe Gomes

Wow! It's not easy to decorate the house of a collector.

Brazilien architect Guilherme Torres and his colleagues did a great job with the house of Brazilian DJ and collector Pil Marques in São Paulo, Brazil.
Read more about it here

søndag 19. februar 2012

writing for the first time

It's nice to have doors you can draw on.
Always available.
After drawing a monster's head, the little man just wrote his name for the first time :) 
Big moment!

lørdag 18. februar 2012

unique illustrations by marte

I just love Marte Isachsen Knudsen's illustrations!
They are unique!
Each drawing tells a whole story in itself :)
Visit her website here.

fredag 17. februar 2012

Jac Jacobsens L-11

On my desk this lamp is showing off, she is so expressive!
Happy friday!